20th Jan 2019
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Welcome to my research blog! Through my fellowship with the South West Creative Technology Network I am exploring the creative potential as well as the formal and ethical challenges of personalised immersive audience experiences.

What represents meaningful parameters for personalisation? And does increased transportation though personalised interaction have the capacity to effect behavioral and sentiment change in audiences?

Currently the most prevalent means of personalisation rely on profiling frameworks shaped to attain sales. What would a profiling system designed to achieve more satisfying and transformational human to human interaction, within immersive performance, look like?

How would such new tools and affordances, foregrounding live human-human interaction, alter the perceived value of live entertainment?

As a society we currently face multiple existential challenges. Successfully addressing them will require a greatly accelerated pace of social change, and realistically, a whole new set of tools.
A key question for me is whether personalised interaction and complex immersive storytelling, could play a useful role in articulating, scenario testing and mobilising for preferred futures?

Through my research with SWCTN I am exploring existing profiling, psychometric and player-profiling frameworks, and assessing how these track to the requirements of profiling for immersion and transportation in storytelling.

I am also looking at cognitive and behavioral science around storytelling and immersion for behavior-change and persuasion.

Expect a lot of quizzes, examples of personalised communications and questions around what improves your entertainment and art experiences.

Please do interact, comment, share. Engaged and constructive dissent is encouraged!

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